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Beginners Education Pack

GO RIDING with confidence and set your self up for success with access to valuable education resources, riding and gear vouchers & discounts

The best way to start horse riding is with the Horse Riding Hub Member Riding Education Pack for a faster and safer experience. Pre-riding education to help you at each important turning point of your horse riding journey.

Getting started with 1. The very basics of horse knowledge in a fun way, 2. The core essentials to learning how to ride a horse and 3. Preparing you if you want to buy that first pony one day. A step by step development pathway.

Beginners and Confidence Building step by step!
With guidance from a highly experienced horsewoman (over 40yrs), representing state level competition, 2000 Olympics opening ceremony performer, qualified coach, established horse riding school since 2006 and international author.

Be sure to give your child a safer start to horse riding and reduce the risk of getting hurt!! 

Must have Beginner Riders Education Pack

  • Must Read ebook Guide for Parents of Horse Lovers with bonus development pathway. (Free)
  • Horse Lovers First Book - The basics you need to know about horses. ($40 Value)
  • How to Ride A Horse - Riding Lessons for Beginners workbook with bonus development guide for parents. ($40 Value)
  • Ready For Your First Horse - An expert's guide to preparing you when looking for that beginners horse for sale. Do not buy a horse without reading this book. ($40 Value)
  • Members Site Access  for resources, fun learning quizzes and support. Including over 15 one page cheat sheet summaries to help you easily understand the very basics needed in horse care, riding and owning a horse. ($110 Value)
  • Horse Basics Training Videos plus custom requests. (FREE)
  • Riding Gear Voucher. ($20 Value)
  • Store Shopping Reward Bucks for gear and gifts.
  • Riding Lesson Discounts up to 25% off rates on selected products (Gold Coast).
  • Riding Lesson Voucher at your local horse riding school. ($25 Value)

Giddy Up Beginner Books

Written by Debbie Burgermeister, owner and head coach of her riding school, Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat, with over 40yrs of horsemanship knowledge to share and over 14yrs teaching kids with requests from parents asking for development goals.
An interactive learning book written to be read by children with large font and full colour pictures.
Encouraging learning safely, starting out with the core fundamentals to support the future of sensible, confident, and capable horse handlers and riders.

These books are every child's equine essentials tool kit to commence on a wonderful journey with horses and learn valuable life skills. Development of confidence, care and communication is the blessing Deb wishes you for a happy and healthy life.

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