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The secret to a busy horse life and farm life is energy and healing!  

Most horse lovers feed off the freedom of horses to keep them buzzing, but sometimes we need a helping hand to look after ourselves. 

Weight Management, Skin Health, Looking Great and Feeling Great!

I get asked alot this question on how I'm always smiling and buzzing around. I ride my horse at 5.30am, get my twins off to school at 8am, coaching and office work, pick up the kids, run around after kids activity, dinner, bath and bed and somewhere in between manage to do the washing, cook and tidy (cleaning gets put on the backburner alot in a horsey home), but my stables and tackshed are tidy and very organised! 

Everything for me has to be simple:

  • one vitamin supplement with stemcell nutrition for myself and my horses/dog/cat for ultimate health & jointcare
  • one step face serum to revitalise each day that I also use as a medical treatment for any cuts/graise/rash/bites/burns
  • tinted moisturiser with sunblock
  • healing strips for bruises & strains
  • energy supplement, drinks and protein bars throughout the day

SO, I hope these products help you as much as they help me...

I wish you happiness and health always, your business owner and author of Giddy Up Beginner Books

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