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Bits & Bridles

Riding a horse has many options and many people will have their own opinions. These products are designed to give you your basic essential needs with your horses best comfort in mind.

To ride with a bit or without is based on what you are doing with your horse and having a horse trained to accept a bit is important for going to competitions and giving you the choice when you ride. Many variations in thickness, twists, extra rings etc.

Having a bridle with a noseband (cavesson),  or with a flash (thin strap around the mouth to stabilise the bit), again is based on personal preference and horse behaviour. Some like their horse to be as free as possible and feel no need to tie the horse down unecessarily. 

The grackle noseband is also known as a figure of 8 noseband. The Grackle bridle is a variation on the flash noseband, applying pressure evenly and over a larger area than a flash noseband if the horse opens its mouth or evades, whilst giving more room around the nostrils to make breathing easier.

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