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100% Tree Free Sketch Books

Tree Free, Recycled, and Earth Friendly Art Supplies.

Fashions fade, clothing waste is eternal. Using Cotton Rag for Paper.

Let's make the World a Better Place.. use.. reuse.. and conserve!!!

JB Eco Art - Sketchbooks & Pencils

Developed as a parent with a son at 10yrs old that loves drawing dragons and dinosaurs, using paper like it's going out of fashion. Jackson now has a mission for recycling and wants to teach kids how to draw, as well as providing tree free and earth friendly art supplies.

Even recycled paper made from trees required trees to be cut down so all our sketch books are made from 100% recycled cotton rag.

Our Cotton Rag Handmade Papers are made from Cotton Waste obtained from Cotton Textile mills from India. The cotton waste, which is in the form of Fabric Cutting, Selvedges and Reject Fabric is used to create the beautiful Paper that you will hold in your hand. 100% Tree Free, Recycled, and Earth Friendly.

We believe there is beauty in Handmade Products that cannot be described in words or created by machines. Giving you products that have been lovingly handmade by our Team of Master Artisans, and Craftsmen.Let's make the World a Better Place.. use.. reuse.. and conserve!!!

In the News Clothing waste on the rise! Australians are tossing out clothes at an alarming rate, research shows – including some items that have only been worn once. Is your rubbish bin looking more like a laundry basket?

-- 7NEWS Australia

Cotton biodegradation. How is cotton biodegradable and why is it good for the environment.

-- The Sustainable Fashion Collective

Why are 100% cotton papers so desirable? Cotton papers are known for their purity, durability and permanence, making them very desirable for artists who want to create a fine art piece that will last.

-- Strathmore Artist

Youth Drawing Development

Exploring how to draw people and a love to create interesting fun character art.

A love for Dragons

Everything dragons is how Jackson's love for drawing started. Then the world of creating sketch after sketch began and as a parent trying to keep up with more and more sketch books, scrap pieces of paper and different types pencils.

Fun with Dinosaurs

Jackson has a passion to discover everything about Dinosaurs.

Sketching and Shading

Finer art drawing creating a sketch with fine details and introducing shading.

Tree Free & Eco Art Supplies

Sketch books, Bookmarks, Art Bags, Neem Pencils


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