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All the basics with the Giddy Up Beginner Books series...

Horse Lovers First Book - the basics you need to know about horses with loads of colour and fun pictures

How to Ride A Horse: Riding Lessons for Beginners - a unique easy to read step by step education resource and interactive learning to ride workbook.  

Ready For Your First Horse? - an experts guide and great resource of checklists. LOOKING TO BUY A BEGINNERS HORSE FOR SALE? READ THIS FIRST!

Become a Horse Riding Hub Member with the Education Bundle especially for beginner horse lovers - includes the giddy up books collection, bonus education fun pack, member resource site with quizzes and step by step guidance, videos and access to over 15 one page cheat sheet summaries to understand the very basics needed in horse care, riding and owning a horse. That could save you thousands of dollars in coaching time. 


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