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Horse Archery



Horse Archery has been revived to be an exciting modern day horse sport, growing rapidly throughout the world. 

Mounted archery got its start as a standardized discipline in Hungary about 30 years ago. Kassai Lajos, the founder of the sport in Hungary, came to the U.S. in 1998 to hold a demonstration. By 2005, interest had grown enough to support the forming of the Mounted Archery Association of the America.  Then Katrina Kruse essentially founded the sport in Australia in 2011, and New Zealand in 2014. 

Once an ancient form of hunting and warfare, but now a fun challenging and exciting sport to bring out the Amazon Woman and Robin Hood in us all. Everyone of any age can do it.  

These products are your basic low priced beginner items to just get you started in the sport until you decide you want to take to the sport more seriously. Once you are ready to learn more or get serious we highly recommend the product selection and guidance from Australia's leading horse archery instructor Katrina Kruse - Medieval Horse Sports Australia.

Click here for a fun overview video

For a horse archery clinic near you simply contact us. Even better what about a corporate team building day for something different? Or women's empowerment day to feel like an Amazon Woman! Get out of the office, connect with your team, yourself and have some fun! Enquire now!

Quality, affordable products are ideally suited to young archers and those new to the sport who are seeking an archery kit without the price tag.

Horse Riding Hub and it’s suppliers are Australian owned and dedicated to providing a range of quality archery items at an affordable price.

Currently most bows for sale in Australia are imported from overseas - apart from a few homemade long bows. Unfortunately, Australia doesn't seem to have the technology or materials to make the current style of today's bows. The bows we source have been designed and tested in Australia by Australian suppliers.


Horse Riding Hub Takes no responsibility on your use of this archery equipment.
Bows are weapons so do not shoot them at people or domestic animals!
Do not shoot a bow in a public area or in a private area without owner’s consent
Horse Riding Hub does not accept returns for archery equipment and will not be liable for the misuse of your archery Equipment.
Do not shoot at hard objects like wood or bricks while in the vicinity, as arrows may break and shards can hit observers or the archer.
Do not allow children to use the bow unless supervised.
DO NOT DRY FIRE THE BOW This can cause severe problems to the bow and string which will render the bow useless.

Bow Life

Keep the bow and arrows in a dry and not damp environment.
Do not expose to water or other liquids excessively as this can maim the product and render it unusable.
Keep the bow unstrung if not used as an ornamental piece as this will put too much stress on the limbs and will weaken the power at which the bow will shoot.
Don’t leave in a car during a hot day as the glues used for the creation of these items may come apart and damage the equipment.

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