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XS™ Energy Drinks pack of 12 low in sugar infused with vitamins


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Great to run out the door to your horse with an energy drink and a protein bar!
You are all set to go for that quick ride that ends up hours with your horse of not knowing how you spent quite that long around the stables or what you actually did that took up all your time. Oh the fun of a horse life!
XS Energy Drinks are like no other – offering 8 unique flavours, two of which contain 10% real fruit juice and are lightly carbonated to awaken your taste buds. All XS Energy Drinks contain no more than three grams of sugar and no more than four grams of carbohydrates, providing a healthier alternative to soft drinks and the traditional energy drinks currently available in the market.
XS™ Energy will help launch your day. Lightly carbonated to awaken your taste buds.
Rocket powered with essential B vitamins to energise your body and mind without storing fat from kilojoules, carbs or sugar. It contains less calories so you can energise any time of the day without the guilt!
  • XS™ Energy was the first exclusively sugar free energy drink brand sold globally*. (*Source:
  • There is less than 1 calorie (3 kilojoules) of sugar in each XS Energy Drink.
  • Each can contains about the same amount of caffeine as a normal cup of coffee.
  • Available in 8 delicious flavours which are lightly sparkled to quench your thirst.
  • Low in sugar, light in kilojoules and are infused with 4 essential B vitamins to give you lasting energy without the crash.

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