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Neem Pencil

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Every artist needs a handy pencil and something to keep you healthy at the same time.

The neem pencil is a sheer piece of art, lovingly handcrafted by dedicated artisans. Having the essential merits of neem wood, these pencils are very classy and are in vogue with latest writing instruments. 100% eco friendly, anti-bacterial, non-toxic and are made of neem twig obtained from the northern part of india. These pencils are also popularly known as herbal pencils. 

Made from the twig of the neem tree, which has antibacterial and antiseptic properties and cleans the blood of impurities.

They sharpen in the old fashioned way (with a knife by an adult). Children have a common habit of chewing pencils and all commercial pencils are coated with colours which are harmful and bring lots of health problems to children. If they use neem pencils children will not chew them due to the bitterness properties, neem pencils are natural and have good grip to tiny hands.

7 " (seven inches) long and about 0.5" (half inche) in diameter and 3.5 to 4.0 inches nutraj lead hb in side.

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