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Aurora makes her appearance at the break of day, bringing with her the light of dawn. Her pearlescent pink coat is kissed by the sun's morning glow and her flowing mane and tail sparkle in the sunlight!

Breyer Classics High Tide
The ocean calls and High Tide answers!
Inspired by the untamed beauty of the sea, this stallion’s wild mane and tail take on the color and shape of cresting waves that are preparing to crash over cerulean waters. High Tide’s coat color mimics the layered blue and silver hues of the ocean,
and is finished with a gorgeous high gloss finish.

Breyer Classics Solaris Unicorn
Young unicorn stallion Solaris is as bright and cheerful as the blazing sun he’s named after!
With his head held high and a determined stride, he carries the vibrant energy of the daylight down to his forest home.
Solaris has a gorgeously-shaded orange and gold coat, which is perfectly accented by his glittering mane and tail.

A vibrant addition to the collection of 2020!

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