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Manuka Haylage

Posted on September 23 2020

1st August 2017
By Your Social Club

Reduce your feed costs with Haylage!. Manuka Farm supplies direct from the farmer, weed free, all natural, weather resistant products for your horse to thrive. Protein rich high quality feed especially for the small property owner relying on hard feed and lack of forage. Manuka Farm is located at the very head of the rich black soils of the Liverpool Plains near Quirindi in NSW. The heavy black soils of the area are renowned for their quality and as a source of all the nutrients needed to produce crops and pastures of high density. These crops and pastures are an excellent source of raw materials for our animal feeds and garden mulches. The bulk of Manuka’s raw materials are sourced from the area and made to our strict standards and guidelines.

A variety of products for multiple purposes. Quality Manuka Chaff and Manuka Haylage products for horses, Manuka Hay for cows and Go-Worm Blue Ribbon Lucerne Garden Mulch to boost your gardens.


Through Horse Riding Hub just Contact us and put your order in for around $24 per 20kg bag:

  • Manuka Haylage® is a premium lucerne forage conserved as a small brick silage for horses. It's high in protein and nutrients, contains no dust, is low in sugar and horses love the taste. A Haylage bag is worth about 2 bails of hay that can cost you up to $36
  • Condensed bags of chaff oaten, wheaten & lucerne (don't pay over $30 for bags of chaff) Manuka Topline (great for weight issues) Lucerne Pellets, a natural protein and energy supplement for your horse.
  • Manuka Topline provides the nutrients and support needed to help build your horse's body muscle.


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