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Posted on September 23 2020

IS YOUR HORSE BUSINESS HARD WORK? Is your business running you?

Horse Riding Hub - Debbie Burgermeister has a mission to help other equine business owners into the future. With a huge passion to help beginner horse lovers and riders globally.

  • Do you have a flexible lifestyle?
  • Can you take time away from your business?
  • Are you tied to your phone and emails with customer enquiries?
  • Can your customers interact with your business 24/7 to make bookings?
  • Are you updating multiple systems to manage bookings, reminders, payments, email communications, events etc?


Expertise on offer from Horse Riding Hub and principal Debbie Burgermeister:

  • Admin/operational support from a lifetime horse expert/down to earth country girl with corporate and equine business management skills - simplify and systemise
  • Over 35yrs horse experience, 20yrs in the corporate world and 11yrs running my own horse riding centre
  • I know how to achieve cost and time efficiencies in a riding school with increased revenue
  • An easy 3 step process for beginners to start their horse riding journey - Education Resources, Member Value Benefits, Easy Booking System
  • A central booking system that can just refer to your business or integrate as your own

Sample of services:

  1. Free review of all your customer service and system needs
  2. A FREE booking system that can compliment your business and Horse Riding Hub will send referrals direct to your system - FREE SET UP & 6-15% commission (can be passed on in full or part to the customer: 6% fareharbor online fee, )
  3. A FULLY MANAGED booking system with availability and customers managed for you that can also be integrated into your website - FREE SET UP & commission arrangement (to include time, system and payment processing fees)

Take the plunge with your equine customer service fairy today! Feel free to contact Deb at

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